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Rita Rivest Lifestyle Coach

"I can't give you more time
but I can give you more room."

began my career in optimal wellness over 40 years ago. Inspired by my active involvment at a well-known spa in Southern California, I then launched health and fitness studios in the Midwest.

Subsequently, I moved to New York and developed a large private wellness practice. My clients were primarily active, involved women and men who were in need of concise and effective personalized life-style programs that could be easily integrated into their hectic lives.

Health and fitness have always been the central theme in my life; I have hiked in some of the most glorious places in the world, including Patagonia and have raced to the top of the Empire State Building and The World Trade Center. In 1999 I settled in Ojai, California to create a special haven called Sage Hill, a place for people to recharge. Since twenty-ten I have been back in New York City continuing my work in wellness practice and assisting people to pinpoint "whats in their way."

I have taught countless women and men to re-define the quality of their lives. And how to replace habits that don’t work with ones that do. My mind/body/spirit approach to well-being is based on the individual’s needs.