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Do your habits interfere
with the quality of your life?
"Let's replace them."

et me show you how time with the ultimate life-style coach can immediately improve the quality of your life.

In just a short time you'll feel physically recharged, mentally balanced and spiritually inspired.

I'll create your personalized life-style program that will work in your real life.

You'll learn about:

  • The most effective ways to deal with time, people
    and yourself
  • The power of rest and relaxation
  • The key to spiritual connection

"Rita Rivest is one of those rare forces of nature: intuitive, intelligent, with the power to heal. I can't imagine my life without her guidance."

Joni Evans, CEO,

"Rita is the only coach you will ever need. The practical applications of her theories and her knowledge will impress even the most skeptical. She possesses unusual perceptions about health - physical and mental - expresses them with passion and candor and enormous affection."

 Jonathan Reynolds, Playwright
Food Writer, The New York Times