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hange your habits... change your life.

Your Special Personalized Program

Working together, we'll create a personalized lifestyle plan that will address “your” specific needs and get you to where you want to be.

It will include:

  • Time & People: how to prioritize and be more efficient with time.  
    How to effectively deal with people by becoming a keener observer so you can get what you need and know what to let go of.  You will then know how to master the true meaning of cause and effect.
  • Rest and Relaxation: how important it is in improving the overall quality of your life, from work performance and your relationships to your physical health and appearance.
  • Spiritual Connection: how to find a comfortable place for it in your daily life, whatever your concept of a spiritual connection means.
  • Food: what to eat and when. How to create and enjoy sustained physical energy along with emotional balance and mental clarity!
  • Exercise: what kind, how often, and when. Included will be the 3 key components to optimal fitness: endurance, strength and flexibility and where to find time for it.

Let me be your guide and support you in making lasting changes...

  • I'll show you the difference between discipline and deprivation, a habit and a condition and connection vs dependency.
  • Let’s replace whatever is NOT working for you with positive alternatives.